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Reminiscence of Dream Bonquet

About Us

Dream BIG…

BWMS began in the year 2005 just like most of its projects do with an optimistic idea. To share the memorable and creative experience of film making with those who want to tell their story using the technology.

Years later, each new workday is another scene in the ongoing epic of BWMS’s evolution, tipping its hat to the past yet excited to see the pages of tomorrows script.

You could say we take it seriously and very personally. In the business of production and post-production, this is indeed how lasting partnerships are formed.

Perspective is everything

Over the years, we have worked on post production and production assignments for studios from across the world. From standardised technical services for post-production to visualising script-level projects, we have done it all – completely remotely.

We are actively seeking new partnerships from production houses in India and abroad. That helps us cross-pollinate best practises and learn from the experts. It gives us fresh insights and inroads into several industries and sectors. We also get to learn how different people approach the same problem. It widens our perspective.

Clients benefit too. They get best in class service at an Indian cost point. Their projects are completed on time. The global delivery team at BWMS is available on call round the clock.

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BWMS based in chennai, ready to serve you anywhere.

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What separates our BWMS from the rest?

We spotlight 3 things
'Old-School' Service

In an increasingly digitally-automated world, you’ll find a welcome and comforting patch of analog in the personalized customer service delivered by BWMS.
Phones are answered by responsible people, emails are returned – not auto-responded to, and nobody is too busy to be creative when you need a solution. We often do big projects, but we’re still a small company at heart.

Your Mission

At the risk of sounding cliché – your mission has to be our mission. One of the biggest market advantages BWMS has is our sense of empathy during the entire postproduction and production process. To present you with a final cut that delivers the message needed to move your mountains, we have to feel every single emotion first. Your goals are at the centre of our efforts from concept to completion.

Your Story

Your story is more than important – it means everything to you. Let us tell it with professionalism and flair. Then, find a microphone with enough power to scream it into fame – because it WILL be something to be proud of. While we can’t always understand every cog in the machinery of what our clients do, we DO understand how to effectively convey that story using the technology to their intended audience.

Meet our Team

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